We Work For You, LLC is a B2B service-provider that is dedicated to helping companies increase equity through increased operational performance. We do this by providing business insights through Data Analytics and Machine Learning


Andrew Randolph is the founder and CEO of WWFY, LLC.

Andrew Randolph is the founder and CEO of WWFY, LLC. Born and raised in a small town which is actually named Townville in South Carolina, Andrew was a very precocious child. Instead of playing with his mechanical toys he took them apart to see how they worked.

Andrew launched WWFY in November of 2018. He has created and/or led several businesses, growing one to several millions of dollars in revenues. Andrew believes that any business question can be answered through the proper collection and understanding of data. Humans create businesses. Humans are a creation of nature. Therefore, all business is linked to nature. WWFY aims to understand this link through classification. Deep learning algorithms and neural networks provide us the capability to create, then make sense of these classifications.

Andrew received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and his MBA from The Georgia Institute of Technology.  Andrew received his PMP certification in 2013. Andrew is an IBM certified Data Scientist.


WWFY, LLC is a B2B Technology service provider.

We provide machine learning and data analytics services through our proprietary algorithm, OLGA that helps to improve your organization’s overall performance. OLGA answers any business question by analyzing your specific company data. If you do not have the appropriate data, we will assist you in collecting it specifically for your question. Others have BMS, business management software. OLGA is not a BMS. It is actually more in line with A.I. (automated intelligence) that learns your operations, predicts trends based on data, then suggests the best solution. The more projects we complete using OLGA the more efficient your organization becomes, saving you money.


The future in business is data science with automated intelligence. A.I. can give your organization an advantage when coupled with capable project management resources. It is the future for continuous improvement.


Andrew has completed over 400 successful projects for automotive, aviation, and government clients in the southeast region of the U.S. Even though each organization is different with its own set of challenges, one thing is common to all – approaching each project with a proven management methodology has been crucial to project success.